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For a limited time – this February only – shipping is FREE for all purchases! 

At all other times, the shipping charge is calculated by the weight of the item to be shipped, factored with the country of destination. The ‘per item’ shipping cost is reduced if you order more than one item in a single shipment. For example, if it’s $10 to ship a tee-shirt internationally (outside of Australia), the charge for each additional item after the first is roughly 60% per item. Say you order 3 tees to be sent to USA... the shipping charge will be $10 + $6 + $6 = $22 total. (Plus, of course, the purchase price of your 3 shirts!) And if this all sounds complicated, don't worry, it'll be calculated and displayed for you at checkout, before paying.

Australia Post will take 7 to 10 working days to get a package to you. You should ensure there'll be someone home when it arrives. Please be patient with us – in order to keep costs down, orders are shipped every Monday and Friday. 


What if the garment you ordered doesn’t fit or you don’t like its shape or colour? Relax – we want our customers to be happy. Please return it, along with the packing and label (if you still have it) plus a note telling us the problem, to The Mountain Stream Co at the address below, in new and unworn condition within 30 days. You have various choices – exchange it for a different colour or size, or for a different garment, or get full credit or a refund for the price of the product exchanged. You’re responsible for shipping it to us, but we’ll pay for shipping out the replacement.

It’s important that any garment you return is unworn. (Of course, it’s OK for you to try it on!) If you’re returning a product because it’s defective or we’ve made a mistake in filling your order, we'll refund the original shipping charge.


All our payment transactions are done by PayPal. It’s cost-effective and you can be comfortable knowing the transaction is handled by someone we all know and trust. PayPal handles all major credit cards without you needing an account.


Firstly, as mentioned above, The Mountain Stream Co doesn’t have access to any of your transaction details – that’s all done safely and securely by PayPal. Secondly, we won’t show any of your other details to anyone else. We don’t take kindly to cyber door-knockers and expect that you wouldn’t, either. Only if you request it, will we send you our occasional e-newsletter.


Please email us about any concerns or questions you may have. Maybe it's just to say hello or even ask about fly fishing in Australia. After all, we are fly fishers so we enjoy talking fishing. 

Thanks for your time,

Phil Kininmonth, Prop.
The Mountain Stream Co
57 Rose Street
Armadale, Vic. 3143
E: [email protected]